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Friday, April 9, 2010

Precious Pearls/Kosbare Pêrels

FALSE HOPE (no. 6)
Many people live in false hope. It is on false hope that every casino/lottery or fortune teller makes their dirty money and every crook deceives his victim to part with their money in questionable schemes. It is terrible to see people live in false hope, but it is even worse to see people gamble with their souls and eternity. I ask you: where will you go when you die? Death is not the end of anyone of us. Do you think there is a heaven? If there is one, are you good enough to go there? What do you trust in to enter heaven? Is it church membership, trusting in sacraments, growing up in a certain tradition, following a religion or teaching or a certain code of ethics or doing so-called good works, with the motive to be a good person? Do you think these activities can make you good enough for heaven? Let’s do a quick and simple test:
How many lies have you told in your life? What about dishonesty in business, work or at home? Have you ever stolen anything, taken anything that does not belong to you, no matter how small? Have you ever had sex before or outside of marriage? Jesus said, “Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Have you ever looked with lust? Have you ever used the name of God or Jesus or Lord in vain? It’s called blasphemy. Do you have feelings of hatred towards another person, culture group or nationality? The Bible says hatred is the same as murder (1 John 3:15).
By your own admission you are: a liar, a thief, a blasphemer, an adulterer/fornicator and murderer at heart. This is how God sees you. When you one day stand before God, the Judge of the Universe, at the great white throne judgment, what will the verdict be for breaking His moral law, the Ten Commandments? Guilty, I know myself, you say. The Bible warns that the guilty will end up in the Lake of fire forever (Revelation 20:11-15; 21:8, 27). ALL liars, thieves, fornicators/adulterers, blasphemers, murderers at heart will get their just reward at the Day of Judgment.
BUT God, who “rich in mercy” does not want anyone to perish. He became a sinless human being in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. The Savior died on the cross taking your sin, guilt and punishment on Himself. We broke the moral Law of God but He became a man to pay our fine. Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. That means God (the Judge) can now freely dismiss your case and cancel your death sentence. If you repent (turn from sin) and place your trust in the Lord Jesus alone, that means God can legally let you walk out of the courtroom. To receive the gift of eternal life, you must repent from sin and trust in Jesus alone, as you would put on a parachute to save you from a death jump. You forsake your own good works as a means of trying to please God (trying to bribe Him), and trust only in what Jesus has done for you. Simply throw yourself on the mercy of the Judge. Then you will experience real hope instead of false hope.
Do it today because you don’t know when you will die. Pray something like this:”Merciful God, today I turn from all sin (name them) and I put my trust in Jesus alone as my Lord and Savior. Please forgive me, change my heart and grant me the gift of eternal life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”
The sincerity of your prayer will be evidenced by your obedience to God’s will, so get a Bible and obey what you read. Go to and and click on “Save Yourself Some Pain” to find principles that will help you to grow in your faith.
LOVE YOUR ENEMIES: Read Matt.6:43-48; Lev.19:17-18 (no. 5)
Jesus defined our enemies as those who curse us, abuse us, hate us and exploit us selfishly. Since Christian love is an act of the will, and not simply an emotion, He can command us to love our enemies. After all, He loved us when we were His enemies (Rom.5:10). We may show this love by blessing those who curse us, doing good to them, and praying for them. When we pray for our enemies, we find it easier to love them, it takes the “poison” out of our attitudes.
Jesus gave 3 reasons for this admonition. (1) It is a mark of maturity. But you must be a child of the Father and the Holy Spirit indwelling you to have the power to live like this. (2) It is Godlike. God shares His good things with those who are against Him. Matthew 5:45 implies that our love creates a climate of blessings that makes it easy to win our enemies and make them our friends.
Love is like the sunshine and rain that the Father sends in His mercy and grace. (3) It is a testimony to others. God expects us to live a much better kind of life than the lost people of the world who return good for good and evil for evil. We must return good for evil in all circumstances.
I was once insulted and falsely accused by a former colleague in the presence of others where I was teaching. It left me speechless and shocked. I first of all made sure his accusations were not true by consulting with other teachers who knew me well. That weekend I prayed for him each time his name appeared in my thoughts…and that happened frequently! In my prayers for him to God I gave thanks, supplications and intercessions for him. It turned the bitterness into a blessing. On the Monday he apologized in the presence of others.
The word “perfect” in Matthew 5:48 do not imply sinless perfection, for that is impossible in this life.
It speaks of completeness, maturity, as the children of God. The Father loves His enemies and seeks to make them His children if they repent (turn from sin) and put their trust in the Lord Jesus alone. We as His children should assist Him in loving them (not condoning their sin) and treat them like the Father does.
Paul warns us to abstain (stay away) from even the very appearance of evil. He’s speaking about the outside, visible part of us as what others might see as evil. Born again believers in Christ have an awesome responsibility to Jesus, we’ve put on Christ therefore we are to hold ourselves above even the appearance of evil. Christians should know what the appearance of evil is and what not.
A married Christian once asked if it was alright for him to be alone in his car with a single woman. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 was quoted to him to explain why this was not a good idea. The explanation of why this would be seen as wrong was not understood by him. Another man asked if two older people in their sixties could live together without being married. Again, it’s the appearance of evil, and it could lead others astray. He went on to give the reason why this older Christian couple decide to live together instead of following God’s way of marriage. “But if they get married they’re placed in a higher tax bracket and that’s why they remain unmarried”. Excuse me, but where in the Bible is there a verse that condones living together to avoid paying your taxes?
As for those who belong to the Lord Jesus, we must find ways to prevent even the slightest manifestation of evil in our lives. Our intensions may be perfectly innocent but remember it’s the perception of evil that’s being discussed here.

There should be no stepping out of the light into darkness. As Christians we are to not only avoid the darkness but even the appearance of darkness in our lives. We know God sees everything, every sin we commit whether out in the open or hidden by darkness. “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good,” Proverbs 15:3. When we are out in public others can see how we act and how we speak. Believers know it’s their responsibility to present the Lord Jesus to the lost and they see Him through our lives. How can we be His light to the lost if we are stepping back and forth in and out of darkness?

The second part of Paul’s warning is for us to have no occasion to stumble a fellow brother in Christ. In other words there should be nothing in our walk with Christ that would lead another into sin. Again, we stay away from every appearance of evil (sin). Many Christians today have become lax in their attitudes toward sin. Having a grasp of what the appearance of evil may be, before we step into that dark arena might just keep us from stumbling a brother, not to mention ourselves. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, comes with maturity, Christian maturity. Christians who are mature in their walk with the Lord Jesus will do anything to avoid the appearance of evil; no one wants to knowingly lead another astray.

When we look around at the world today we can plainly see evil permeating everything in society. They’ll tell us that bad and evil are now good. Believers must be constantly on guard and thoroughly prepared for what’s coming. This world is turning upside down. We must abstain from joining the crowd. Instead, we must present the Biblical Gospel to the lost (
Many today who call themselves Christians haven’t a clue as to the full scope of evil that currently permeates our society.
Believers have neglected their Bibles long enough. We read and study God’s word and learn His truth and what God considers evil and what He accepts as good. Then we need to take it one step further and apply His commands and principles to our lives.
Put on righteousness, allow no evil into your circle of influence, be the light Christ has ordained you to be. Be wise, be careful, be an example of Christ on earth. Avoid at all cost the appearance of evil. Remember the temptation to embrace evil comes from the lust of the flesh: read James 1:13-15.
Bible teacher Woodrow Kroll used to say: “Have a good day – but what is the worth of a good day if it is not also a Godly day?”


Life has its troubles and tragedies. There are times when it is not easy to be thankful. But 1 Thess. 5:18 commands us, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” We cannot escape the fact that God expects us to be thankful no matter what circumstances may come to our lives. True, these verses are easier read than obeyed.
Last year (2009) during our visit to South Africa, the second day in our hometown of East London, a car came from behind and rode over my right foot. The foot was fractured and I needed an operation to be able to walk again. As I lied on my back next to the parked cars in the parking lot, I wondered what to make of this setback. All our holiday plans were cancelled and I faced weeks of using crutches after the operation and then painful physiotherapy. My dear wife had to do most of the domestic duties and even help me to get around and drive the car. The initial shock diminished and I started to have positive thoughts about God’s presence right there on the road.
The fact is: God never commands what He cannot enable us to do. So if He commands me to be thankful in all things, then He will enable me to obey Him, and I will be a better person because of it. God permitted Job to go through all kinds of trials (Job 1-2), yet in the end the trials were for Job’s good and His glory. Job suffered and wept but his trials led to glory and joy (James 5:10-11). You can be sure that your Father in heaven loves you and He can be trusted. Our first reaction to difficulties, tragedy or some trial is, “Why did this happen?” and our second reaction is probably “Why did this happen to me?” Well, I am walking with the Lord, obeying Him, and serving Him, why should this trial come to me? At this point the devil will come and tempt us to doubt God’s love and care. The temptation is there to even become bitter. Now you must lay hold of the truth that God loves you and cares. Circumstances may seem against you, the devil may accuse you, friends may abandon you, but God loves you just as much as He did when He gave the Lord Jesus to die for you on the cross. Your circumstances have changed and your feelings have changed, but God’s character has not changed.
“In everything give thanks…” We cannot obey that commandment in our own strength; we need the power of the Spirit of God and the encouragement of the Word of God. I looked at the situation with disappointment and wondered what God has planned, but I knew and had peace that His love, care and plan can never fail me. Because we love Him and He loves us, we trust Him and as our hope grows stronger, we are able to praise the Lord and give thanks – in everything.
“These things have I said to you that your joy might be full” John 11:15. A missionary organization once said that they would never send a missionary to the field if he or she did not have a sense of humor. To laugh at yourself and the world around you and to laugh with others is a mark of maturity. Those who never laugh are usually bitter and critical and hard to live with. The person who can’t laugh at his own mistakes has a hard time forgiving the mistakes of others. We are not talking about silliness but good healthy holy humor. The Lord Jesus wants us to have joy. He had joy. As children of the living God we have all the reason to have inner joy: our sins are forgiven, no more fear of judgment, our Father cares for us, He will never leave us and forsake us, and we have an eternal home waiting when this life is over. We can’t always rejoice over our circumstances but we can rejoice in them. But sometimes we lose that joy. How?
Sin and disobedience. When king David confessed his sins to God, he said:”Restore to me the joy of my salvation.”(Psalms 51:12). He lost his joy and for more than a year he lived a miserable life of despair and gloom. Read Psalms 32. If you have lost your joy in Christ think clearly and see if there maybe unconfessed sin or a bad attitude in your life.
Neglecting the Word of God. Jesus said:”These things I speak in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.”(John 17:13). The prophet Jeremiah found joy in the Word of God:”Your words were found and I did eat them; and Your word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” At the beginning of the day I discipline myself and get alone with my Bible and read it in a systematic way. I ask God to speak to me and He does as I study His Word. No matter how difficult my life sometimes was, God always had a promise, a warning, a truth to believe or a command that gave me joy. Read and obey the Bible if you want increase your joy.
Forgetting to pray. Jesus said:”Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.”(John 16:24).We are weak in ourselves and can’t depend on our own strength and thinking. We will soon become miserable and frustrated with people and life. We will fail because we depend on our own flesh for victory. But God’s strength and supply can never run out. Prayer opens for us the treasury of God. “Ask and it shall be given you…You have not because you ask not” (James 4:2-3, 8, 10). Of course it must be in His will and we have His Word to find His will for us. If you have a problem, a burden, a need, take time to pray about it and God’s joy will fill your heart again.
Don’t let sin, neglect of the Bible and prayerlessness rob you of your joy. A joyful Christian is a strong Christian: the devil has a harder time tempting a person with joy in his/her heart. A joyful Christian is a witnessing Christian because he has the Biblical Gospel ( in his/her heart and something exciting to share with others, and they can see the difference. The joyful Christian shares his joy by accepting the burdens of life without complaining; willing to do small tasks that others ignore and when doing big jobs, willing to share the credit. A joyful Christian is a thankful Christian and every hour of every day there is something to be thankful for. Keep your heart clean; spend time in the Word and prayer; look for ways to live for others. And when you do, God’s love and joy will fill your heart.
A little boy and his sister were going up a mountain and the climb was not easy. “It’s not a path at all. It’s all rocky and bumpy,” she complained. Her brother said:”The bumps are what you climb on.” What do you do with the rocky bumps on the path of life?
Nobody who did something for God or rise above their circumstances found that the path was easy and without troubles. We have yet to find a successful person whose life was free from problems and difficulties. As we look at these people we think they had it made and that life was easy for them, but take a closer look and you will discover that the climb was rocky and bumpy. Read the Bible and you will discover this truth.
Abraham didn’t become a great man of faith overnight. He had to go through difficult tests before he reached the “top of the mountain”. Consider, as he arrived in Canaan soon a famine came to the land of promise. He made the wrong decision to go down to Egypt (Genesis 12:7–20) and was humiliated. He had problems with his nephew Lot; they separated; war came to the land and he had to fight and save Lot (14:1–16). His wife gave him bad counsel and Ishmael was born, who brought sorrow to the home (16:1-6). Isaac was born later and Abraham was tested again regarding his obedience (21:1–11; 22:1–17; 23:2). Yes, there are many bumps on the road but Abraham used them to climb higher.
Joseph also walked a very rocky road. He was hated by his brothers (Genesis 37:3); pampered by his farther; sold by his brothers as a slave; taken to Egypt far away from home (37:18-28); falsely accused of rape (39:6-20); put into prison; forgotten and forsaken for 12 years (40:23; Psalms 105:17-20). His trials resulted in him becoming mature in the faith and later he became a leader and second in command of all Egypt. Think of others who had similar experiences e.g. Moses, Daniel, Paul and many other believers who suffered (Hebrews 11:36-40). They accepted the difficulties of life and used them to get to the top of the mountain.
What difficulties are you going through right now? You feel like quitting, giving up. You can’t understand why the road doesn’t get easier, why God doesn’t remove the stones and straighten the path. Well, if He did that, you might never get to the top, because the bumps are what you can climb on. Realize this by faith in God’s eternal Word. The trouble with most of us is that we are used to paved roads and level sidewalks. But life is not made that way. Sometimes the road is level and easy, the birds are singing and the way is wonderful and then sometimes not. God knows how to balance our lives for us not to get discouraged.
That is why Hebrews 12:2 commands us to look to the Lord Jesus and be strengthened in our faith. “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Don’t try and sidestep the bumps by complaining, running away, becoming bitter or give up, because they are there to climb on!
Compiled by Louis Ackermann

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